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10 Things to Do For $10 in Denver This Weekend (9 Free!), May 1-3

There's no better way to start a new month than with a weekend, and this weekend is chock full of partying, so wear some comfortable shoes and a big hat. We're celebrating Cinco de Mayo, dancing away pounds and checking out a battalion of food trucks. Find more to do on the Westword calendar, and drop us a comment if we missed anything.

Denver Tool Library's First First Friday at Denver Tool Library (6 p.m. Friday, free)
Right now would be a perfect time to build a birdhouse, or maybe even some new chairs for the patio. It's quite the feeling to make something with your own hands, but tools are expensive. Thankfully we have the Denver Tool Library to help us get those DIY projects started. Let them know how much their service is appreciated by checking out the new location at a kickoff party. Not only can you talk tools, but there will be backyard games on the candle-lit patio surrounded by snacks, booze and jazz tunes. Like the Vikings used to say, "Hammers don't talk. Hammers don't try. Hammers don’t promise. Hammers just do." So pick up a hammer and do.

Family Vacation... UGHHH at Lowbrow (7 p.m. Friday, free)
Walking down South Broadway, it may be possible to see a trail of glitter and crayons on the sidewalk from the Lowbrow gallery's recent move from their old location a couple of blocks away. Now, in proper fashion, they are throwing a party to break the space in with plenty of fun, giveaways and cold drinks. As if that weren't enough, Becky Wareing Steele will debut her latest miniature exhibition themed around painful family vacations. If you haven't see the worlds she creates with her dioramas, check them out at Lowbrow. 

Othello - A Khorus Line at The Betsy Stage (8 p.m. Friday-Sunday, free)
The Betsy Stage is still a hidden gem in this city. They put on top notch Shakespeare shows with a twist, and it's totally free. Don't forget to RSVP to get your tickets for a chance to see a new spin on Othello. In this adaptation the audience with be bewildered to laughter to see if Zeus is ever going to reward Iago for going on an eight year quest for groceries. Come check this show out and put a little culture in your life, especially if you have to write a paper about the subject.

Lipgloss at Syntax Physic Opera (9 p.m. Friday, $5)
This dance party has been around for a long time because it's an insane night of dancing and debauchery, and we all need a little bit of that in our lives.We're talking about it this week because it's moving down to Syntax Physic Opera, which is starting to have a monopoly on all this cool parties in this city. Tonight's Lipgloss is the official afterparty for Lowbrow's grand reopening, so hopefully you can make it to both events. Check out their playlist here, and try not to dance after hearing those tracks.

Cinco de Mayo Festival at Civic Center Park (10 a.m. Saturday-Sunday, free)
It's hard to imagine being surrounded by the amount of Mexican food that will be available at this annual event. Get drunk on burritos, tacos and an unlimited amount of salsa over the next couple days. This year, a homemade salsa competition has been added for us stay at home chefs, in addition to the taco eating competition and Chihuahua races which should be hilarious. From music to lowrider bikes, there's too much to list here, so check out the line-up and prepare yourself for an amazing tradition. 

Morrison Alley Fest at Town of Morrison (10 a.m. Saturday, free)
Not all of it takes place in an alley, but it's still going to be a good time, and a great chance to check out the town of Morrison. Vendors of all types will be in the alleyways offering cool stuff, while more than twenty musical acts fill the air with tunes that will tickle your little ears pink. There's going to be a carnival area for the kids and an endless supply of suds for the bigger kids. See what a cool town they got up there already.

The Big Wonderful at The Big Wonderful (12 p.m. Saturday, free)
The Big Wonderful was a smash hit last summer, and things only get better with time, so year two is going to kill it even harder. Come check out the vast array of food trucks, artisan goods, a beer garden and live music, because all those things just come together like butt cheeks. Welcome the event of the summer today, and try to make it down every week after. 

Reel to Real by Reel Book Release Celebration at Former Future Brewing (3 p.m. Saturday, free)
If you got to live out some of your wildest fantasies, it would only be proper to write a book about it and let the world live vicariously through you. Chris Callaway was a music journalist in Denver for over ten years, and in that time he had the amazing opportunity to interview every kind of musician that came through town, including a few of his heros. Callaway's book documents the conversations he had with the performers and references how those experiences helped shape his own life. The book is deeply personal and well worth the read, so go down and meet the man on the back of the book jacket. And it's at a brewery, so you get to try some of that wonderful Former Future brew too. 

Hi-Strung at The Horseshoe Lounge (9 p.m. Saturday, free)
Hi-Strung has an interesting sound made possible by their influence of classical music and good old rock 'n' roll. It's a fun sound and haunting sometimes as well. Check them out at the Horseshoe Lounge tonight. That way you won't look like a bandwagon fan when they go big down the road. The show is free, so you're going to be stoked, check out some jams here.

Boulder Comedy Show w/ Chris Charpentier at Bohemian Biergarten (7 p.m. Sunday, free)
Chris Charpentier is about to take his little mustache to Los Angeles to make it big, so this may be one of the last times you'll get to see him around these parts. Roger Norquist, Nora Lynch, and Roger Haak will help him go out on a high note, and so can your laughs and cheers. 

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Alex Brown is a freelance writer from Denver, Colorado. You can find him around town falling off his skateboard, eating burritos and petting dogs.
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