Browser game of the week: Glorg

Glorg is a simple game with no pretenses at being something bigger. In fact, it's so simple you can play the thing and eat a sandwich at the same time, which is pretty much our ideal lunch break. If you've played the likes of Diablo and its kin, you'll see the humor in the presentation of Glorg, but even if you missed those loot-fests, you'll still find a lot to enjoy.

Like we already said, the premise is simple: all you need is one button to do anything. That includes moving, attacking, healing, looting -- everything. So, you eat lunch, you click, you have fun. What that one button does changes depending on the context, so your left mouse click might make you hit stuff in one instance, but it'll make you get stuff in another.

Alongside the lunchroom appeal of the game is an absolutely fantastic soundtrack from DannyB, who some people might recognize for his scoring of Super Meat Boy and Canabalt. The music also helps with the somewhat bland visual style which, although not bad, is very generic in a "I made this in Flash" kind of way.

It's not exactly the most in-depth game of all time, but it's still fun and creepily addictive. The basic gameplay doesn't change -- you just keep left clicking on stuff until the end -- but each time you boot it up you'll be treated to a randomly generated area with different loot. For instance, my second time through the first thing I picked up was the cactus sword you see in the screenshot above. Repetitive and slightly mind-numbing, sure, but it's still somehow enjoyable.

You can play it here.

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Thorin Klosowski
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