Free movie time: End of the Line at Green Spaces tonight

Ah, the social justice film. We know this trick: They lure you in with their compelling story line and gorgeous cinematography, only to depress you with their social problem for which you are at least indirectly complicit. Today, we learn about the horrors of the fishing industry in The End of the Line (we suspect the title has a double meaning), which reveals how we are funding shocking atrocities by eating fish. And if the compelling story and beautiful cinematography isn't enough to lure (hey now!) you in, then consider this: It's free.

Hook, line and sinker.

And as far as depressing socially conscious documentaries go, man, is this one ever depressing. For example, did you know that cod, once one of the most bountiful fish on the eastern seaboard -- like, ridiculously bountiful -- are now almost extinct? You will learn that in The End of the Line, among other disturbing facts that will pop randomly into your head next time you're eating sushi and make you feel sad. Nevertheless, the film is brilliantly constructed and rivetingly told; in spite of its clobber-you-over-the-head message of social reform, it boasts glowingly positive reviews nearly across the board.

It screens tonight at 7 p.m. for free at Green Spaces Colorado, and there will be snacks, which will be vegan, so you don't have to feel bad about eating them.

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