Get your booty shorts here! Derbyville caters to Colorado's sassiest skaters

Amy Harrold, aka Pretty But Ruthless, thinks it's high time Denver had its own roller derby boutique. Denver is, after all, the home of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls' 5280 Fight Club A-team, the top roller derby team in the nation. And Colorado is literally loaded down with leagues - there are more than ten and counting, including the RMRG and Denver Roller Dolls (as reported on by Westword writer Melanie Asmar). And in November, the DRD will host the 2011 Women's Flat Track Derby Association Championships in Broomfield, attracting roller girls from across the U.S. to the metro area to compete.

That's a lot of Colorado roller babes to outfit, and Harrold speaks from experience: A Rocky Mountain Roller Girl for more than a year, she's been there. "There are all these different websites, and it's hard to choose the right size, because you can't try that stuff on. You can't try on those gold lamé booty shorts." And though such shops are rare, the concept's not unprecedented: "There are not very many brick-and-mortar roller derby shops, and those are open only where derby is huge," Harrold notes. "But all of those shops are doing really well and even expanding in size."

So, inspired by her entrepreneurial family and a real desire to extend her expertise into the retail arena, Harrold is showing off her new South Broadway store Derbyville to the public tomorrow from 4 to 10 p.m. with a grand opening party that's sure to attract attention on the SoBo strip. First off, the celebration will showcase a roller derby who's who, including WFTDA national champions, as well as members of the 5280 Fight Club, who will sign autographs and hoist the Hydra championship trophy beginning at 5 p.m. Later in the evening, at 7 p.m., roller models from five Colorado leagues will skate in a fashion show on wheels, and Revolver will provide live music. And, of course, there will be the merchandise itself. "We've got all of the equipment -- skates, pads, helmets -- and all kinds of fun "boutfits" (that's what I call them): derby skins, skirts, fishnets," Harrold promises. "We have anything from ruffly panties to a whole wall of socks and tights, fashion t-shirts and tank tops, and a good mix of both practical and fun stuff, including our own Derbyville line. But it's not just for the girls -- it's for the fans, too. Eventually, I'd like to carry league merchandise, as well, and not just for the Colorado teams, but from top leagues across the country. We'll also be selling tickets to local bouts." Plans are in the works, too, to host workshops on everything from how to make a personalized glitter helmet to basic skate maintenance. "Roller derby is so community driven -- grassroots and all-female run," she says. "I want the shop to foster and cater to that." To that end, she also hopes to eventually host viewing parties for traveling-team bout, streamed live on the Derby News Network.

Derbyville is at 1407 S. Broadway. For more details visit the Facebook page.

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