Look of the Day - Carla Kaiser-Kotric

Carla Kaiser-Kotric’s friends seem to agree that she is one of the nicest people in the world. They say if you are friends with Carla, you can expect a myspace message almost every day telling you how great a person you are (Even if you are, in fact, not a great person.) You can expect “love gifts,” small tokens of her affection for no reason in particular. You can expect constant support in everything you choose to do, reasonable or otherwise.

And, apparently, you can expect her to look pretty great, too!

Here is the uber-congenial Carla Kaiser-Kotric, herself, in a black ensemble by Catherine Toby. Ms. Kaiser-Kotric shows off a turquoise pashmina with matching jewelry to give her basic black a little kick. This particular color choice also brings out that special, little sparkle in Carla’s eye. Her entire look is, at once, striking and flattering. Well done, Carla! A fabulous ensemble to compliment a fabulous woman!

Slacks and Blouse by Catherine Toby Pashmina from Macy’s Turquois necklace and earrings from Sak’s Fifth Ave.

Carla shows off her comic timing, her powerhouse voice and, of course, her fashion sense in Theatre Off Broadway’s touching musical, The Last Session, closing this weekend. For last chance tickets, call 303-777-3292

- Steven J. Burge

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