Make it Matter: Get well-designed goods at Matter Studio's annual sale

The inimitable Westword cover boy Rick Griffith and his ink-spattered crew at Matter Studio normally toil with their sleeves rolled in a letterpress world that bridges classic craftsmanship and modern design, hand-running hip posters and other printed matter on the old-fashioned machinery of another time. But once a year, they throw open the doors to put prints on sale at a holiday party that runs throughout the night in increments friendly to different age groups. Tonight's the night for this year's shebang, and Griffith says it'll be even better than the average Matter party.

"This year, we decided that we would source everything locally, so we have friends and local businesses contributing," Griffith explains. Those additions include home brewed beer by Breakthrew Brewing, food by Foodie Call, stacks from Jelly Cafe, coffee from Novo and Crema, meats from Il Mondo Vecchio, cocktails by Leopold's and other good eats and drink. And, he adds, on the studio side, Matter will be hanging what amounts to a retrospective of work: "It's kind of like a really big salon-style hanging of everything we've done in recent years. We're going into the archive and putting stuff on the walls."

And there's even more: At what will also amount to a celebration of Matter's longevity and upcoming achievements in 2012 -- among them, exhibits at Yale and the Denver Art Museum, and Griffith's recent appointment to the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs -- the head honcho of Matter will be the house DJ, too, spinning selections from his own punk vinyl collection. Word!

While the official party-party starts at 8 p.m. and runs until 2 a.m.; families are invited to arrive at 5 p.m. for kid-friendly, hands-on letterpress demos and a print sale preview. After 8, though, they'll bring on the beer and the more sophisticated yums, and the buying can begin in earnest. And, as an incidental, Griffith will also begin taking registration for a long-promised Super Bowl-weekend workshop for people who, like him, don't much relish watching American football. Visit the website for information.

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