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Married at First Sight Recap: Emily Hospitalized After ATV Crash During Couples Retreat

Emily is the second contestant this season to wind up in the hospital.
Emily and Brennan pose for wedding portraits after getting hitched on the Married at First Sight reality TV show.
Emily and Brennan pose for wedding portraits after getting hitched on the Married at First Sight reality TV show. The Delacastros Colorado Wedding Photographers
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In sickness and in health, right?

Emily's bad luck brutally came to a head during the sixteenth episode of Married at First Sight. After a series of minor injuries throughout the season, Emily wound up in the hospital this time around when she crashed an ATV during the group's couples retreat, hitting her head. She was shown being loaded into an ambulance with blood profusely spilling down her face.

Austin eerily predicted the accident (or manifested it), jokingly telling Emily and Brennan, "I hope you both crash" when the couple announced their ATV plan. Brennan managed to escape the incident unscathed, though, which goes to show that life really is unfair.

Emily is the second contestant this season to wind up in the hospital. Cameron is still recovering from an operation to treat heart palpitations, a condition he says was likely exacerbated by the stress of separating from his wife, Clare. With fifteen days remaining in the show before decision day, it seems the marriages aren't the only thing in danger. Let's just hope the remaining contestants make it to the finale in one piece.

Here's what happened on the "Rocky Retreat” episode of Married at First Sight, which aired on February 7:

Emily and Brennan
Even before the crash, the retreat started off poorly for this couple. Brennan asked to sleep in separate bedrooms as soon as they walked into the Foxfield mansion (which previously belonged to former Broncos player Von Miller, fun fact). Ignoring their therapist's pleas from the last episode, Brennan is still dead-set on treating his wife as just a friend. With decision day fast approaching, Emily is losing faith that they'll ever become anything more, saying, "The more I stay hopeful, the more I get disappointed."

Trying to make the most of the trip regardless, Emily booked an ATV ride for her and Brennan, resulting in her worst accident yet. This latest injury comes after Emily spent her honeymoon injuring her wrist from falling in the shower and getting her hair cut off after a flyboarding trip left her hair matted in a giant knot. Add all of this to her rapidly failing marriage, and poor Emily just cannot catch a break.

Chloe and Michael
Five days into their marriage, Chloe and Michael are an enigma. The couple appears happy after moving into their Denver apartment together. Chloe says Michael makes her feel at ease, and the pair even found a compromise for squeezing Michael's extensive wardrobe into their new place: Michael gets the bigger closet so long as Chloe gets the bathroom sink with more counter space. But for all of Chloe's compliments of Michael being a perfect husband, her other comments hint at future cracks forming between these newlyweds.

While packing and unpacking, Michael tried on Chloe's pearl necklace, showed off his collection of skirts and asked Chloe when he could borrow her gold hoop earrings. Chloe said she's never dated a man who embraces his feminine side like him and admitted she wouldn't have chosen Michael for herself. But while Michael is "vastly different from any other man that I’ve ever been in a relationship with…my norm has not worked for me,” she conceded.

Becca and Austin
Becca still hasn't managed to get any action from Austin. The couple gushed about their plans to take their physical relationship to the next level during the retreat and even chose the most "secluded" bedroom in the mansion for maximum privacy. But on their very first night — after kissing and saying they loved each other — Austin rolled out of bed and left Becca to sleep in a separate bedroom by himself. “I really don’t know what happened,” Becca said, adding that she felt defeated and rejected, which is becoming all too common for this pair.

For the least romantic Valentine's Day ever, tune in to the next episode of Married at First Sight on Wednesday, February 14.
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