Penny for your thought jar: Bottle up your sweetest sentiments for 5 Green Boxes

The Old South Pearl Street retail empire of 5 Green Boxes has long had Westword's vote for best window displays, and now the shop -- actually two stores on the same block -- is upping the ante to ensure that we never change our minds.

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Last spring, 5 Green Boxes put out a call to its customers and friends to create crafty owls out of Tom's Shoes cardboard inserts and submit them for use in a whimsical window display. It was a huge success, as was the resulting arrangement.

Now, with visions of the harvest season and the coming holidays dancing before their eyes, the folks at 5 Green Boxes have come up with a new challenge. This time, the call is for something they call Jars of Thought: Specifically, jars of any size, shape, color or age into which a favorite thing has been placed. That, too, could be anything: something as fleeting as a word or as definitive as a photograph.

Bring your jar -- or as many jars as you like -- to 5 Green Boxes through the end of September; they'll be collected for a fabulous window to debut in November. It's just one local retailer's way of giving back to the community that supports it.

Be creative! For more information visit 5 Green Boxes online or call 303-777-2331.

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