Cheerleader Alex and the award-winning suit.EXPAND
Cheerleader Alex and the award-winning suit.
Brandon Marshall

Photos: Art Student Takes the Plunge for Broncos Cheerleader Calendar Contest

Give me an A! Give me an R! Give me a T! What's that spell? Broncos! The Art Institute of Colorado hosted a competition in which students designed swimsuits for the Denver Broncos' 2017 Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar. The winner — Danielle Horrigan, who's pursuing a bachelor of arts in fashion design — was announced at a party that attracted art and Broncos fans alike to Del Frisco's Grille on August 11. Here's a look at the event.

Broncos cheerleaders meet their fans.EXPAND
Broncos cheerleaders meet their fans.
Brandon Marshall
Fans gather at Del Frisco's Grille.EXPAND
Fans gather at Del Frisco's Grille.
Brandon Marshall
A sneak peek.EXPAND
A sneak peek.
Brandon Marshall
Another banner Broncos year.EXPAND
Another banner Broncos year.
Brandon Marshall
The winning calendar page.
The winning calendar page.

See the complete Broncos cheerleader calendar slideshow here.

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