Photos: Meet the local artists behind Westword's best-looking boxes

The annual

Westword Music Showcase

is always a good time, but in one small but noticeable way, this year's event has become a permanent street party. During the course of the 2012 musical mayhem, eight local artists shared their time, paint and skills with


to completely re-envision our traditional red street boxes. Steven Kuc of

Soldier Ink Design

, 2010


and self-proclaimed Art Pimp

Eric Matelski


Scott LeFavor

, Yeyo Mondragon of

Certified Customs


Maximilian Shiffman

, JOUVELT and Mike Hornbeck for


, and

Annie Denison

all lent their names and brands -- and in the process gave our boxes some serious street cred.

Continue reading for photos of each box in its new location.

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Painted by Annie Denison, this box now stands at 969 Broadway -- immediately in front of the office from which this blog post was published.

To see Steven Kuc's box up close, stop by 366 Broadway.

Redesigned by Westword MasterMind winner Eric Maletski, this box now stands in front of the Westword offices.

Remodeled by Yeyo Mondragon, this box is located at the corner of Sixth and Broadway.

Painted by Maximillian Shiffman, this box now stands at 100 South Broadway.

Painted by Mike Hornbeck, this box now stands at 120 Broadway.

Redesigned by Scot Lefavor, this box now stands at 11th and Broadway.

Created by JOUVELT, this box is now at home at 200 Broadway.

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