The Westin at Denver International Airport opened in November.
The Westin at Denver International Airport opened in November.
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Reader: Why Isn't the Hotel at DIA on Your Awful Architecture List?

Longtime Westword art and architecture critic Michael Paglia just revealed "The Hateful Eight," eight examples of the kind of disappointing architecture — or is that n'architecture? — that you see all over Denver these days. But did he leave out some important, awful buildings? Anyone riding the free A Line train to Denver International Airport yesterday got an up-close look at another possible contender, according to Michael VanZant:

Why isn't the new hotel at DIA here? It's such a horrendous addition to the locale that every time I see it, I keep hoping someone will say "we screwed up, we're going to demolish it and try again." DIA took the mountains and the plains into consideration, and built a skyline that looks like teepees, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings, and then now they've come in, and added in a giant glass boat that completely blocks that view.

What do you think of the Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport? Although the free rides to the airport have ended, you have plenty of chances to see great architecture in Denver today, as Doors Open Denver continues. Find the full schedule here.

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