Relive your Boyscout days with Pinewood Derby races tomorrow night

Building a Pinewood Derby car was supposed to be a father-son bonding experience; he'd show you how to use the tools, help you with the design, offer you suggestions on how to do it. Instead, he just took the whole project over and spent hours by himself in the garage, snapping at you whenever you came back there, only to eventually abandon it altogether and buy a finished car at the Hobby store and make you tell everyone you built it yourself -- totally violating the spirit of the race -- to hide his shame. That simmering resentment has been eating a hole inside you ever since, but luckily, the Bannock Street Garage is giving you a chance to recapture that glory and finally build one yourself.

The Pinewood Derby race tomorrow night is actually the second such event the Garage has hosted, but it'll be the first one open to the public; the first one was at a Christmas party a friend held there. "It just got a great response," recalls owner Eddie Morrisey. "People were really into it, so we just thought, man, we gotta have more of these."

For the last few weeks, Morrisey has been selling Pinewood Derby kits -- just a block of wood, four nails and four wheels -- out of the bar at $5 a pop; he's still got a few left to sell, if you have time to make a car with one. Even if you don't, you still have the option of showing up to spectate or just doing it at a future event. "This is the first, but we're probably going to make this a monthly affair," he assures. At some point in the future, he visualizes maybe trying to pit different design-oriented businesses in the neighborhood of the bar against each other. Right now, though, there are really no definite plans. "This is really just kind of a run-though as the first one," he observes, "so we'll build on it and try to figure out what works and what doesn't. If you got a car, bring it down. We're just going to have a fun time, and try to incorporate drinking into it in some way."

Sounds like a plan.

Although he's charging $5 for the kits, there's no charge to come down and either watch or race, and Morrisey says he's put the money he's taken in from the kits into a pot for first place, so there's an extra bonus. Either way, you win.

It starts at 8 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) night. For more information, call the Garage at 303-534-7000.

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