Rosehouse will bring the green to South Broadway.
Rosehouse will bring the green to South Broadway.
Courtesy of Lynn Flanagan-Till

Rosehouse Will Blossom on "Weirdo South Broadway" in February

Lynn Flanagan-Till thinks Denver's retail scene needs more crazy plant ladies like her. A partner in R.L. Linden & Co., a locally formulated all-natural and non-toxic beauty line, Flanagan-Till will soon fill that exacting role in the South Broadway space recently vacated by the eclectic boutique Ironwood with a new venture she’s calling Rosehouse. But even as she transforms the space according to her herbalist’s vision, she hopes the essence of Ironwood’s magical presence will continue to breathe life into the room. For Flanagan-Till, it’s all about preserving the Baker neighborhood’s underground vibe.

Ironwood, which carried R.L. Linden products, was a haven for Flanagan-Till, as it was for numerous fans who felt at home in the inspirational store. When owner Aly Two Eagles decided to close its doors, she approached Flanagan-Till about taking over the storefront.

“She carried my products, and I lived in Baker for a long time and had been a customer and fan of Ironwood,” explains Flanagan-Till. “She sold my first perfume, which was inspired by Ironwood and its scent of succulents and old books. My company was only a year old then, and Ironwood was just a small, local store, but the perfume really grew a cult following and was even showcased in Paris Vogue.

Herbalist Lynn Flanagan-Till creates a potion.EXPAND
Herbalist Lynn Flanagan-Till creates a potion.

“Aly and I are both creative, crazy plant ladies,” she continues. “I couldn't say no. My idea was for more of a plant store and apothecary.” To that end, Flanagan-Till plans to expand on Ironwood’s living green elements by focusing more directly on plants, their purposes and how to love and grow them.

“I don't want to copy Ironwood, but I do want to honor what Aly built in that space, and plants are a big part of it," Flanagan-Till explains. "I know she had done well with her plant selection, and I love the feeling and look they give to the store. Right now, we don't have a curated plant store like the one I’m imagining here in Denver.”

As Two Eagles clears the floor through January to make room for Rosehouse, Flanagan-Till will begin by moving R.L. Linden’s operations into the back of the building. Along with plants, she hopes to stock her shelves with R.L. Linden and other brands of natural beauty products, herbal teas, home goods and growing supplies. “I'm a straight-up plant nerd and herbalist,” Flanagan-Till admits. “And growing up as a Denver punk and believer in the DIY way of doing things, I think that any plant you have is better for the earth and better for you. This is my opportunity to help and give back to the community: Let’s take care of the weirdo South Broadway and keep it alive.”

Rosehouse is scheduled for a soft opening in mid-February. In the meantime, visit Rosehouse on Instagram; a Rosehouse website is also in the works.

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