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Are You Ready for Summer? Last Call for Event Listings!

Concerts, markets, festivals and more!
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Are you ready for Summer?

Summer, our annual guide to all the cool events during Colorado's hottest season, will be inserted in the June 2 issue of Westword, and we're collecting information right now for our comprehensive listings section.

Is your organization hosting a big outdoor market? Dishing up a tasty culinary festival? Are you ready to announce a series of concerts? A public party in a park?

We want to hear from you! Send all the details (when, where, why and how much, as well as a photo if you have one) to [email protected]. We'll include events scheduled from June 3 through Labor Day...and beyond; you can look at our Summer 2021 issue to see what kind of listings we'll include.

The deadline for information is 9 a.m. Thursday, May 19, at [email protected].

See you this Summer!
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