The Governor's Mansion Has a New Tree Ornament; Sadly, It's Not Bob Beauprez

Every holiday season, the Colorado Governor's Residence Preservation Fund commissions a new Christmas tree ornament that is inspired by or modeled after an object inside the Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion; the ornament is then duplicated and copies are sold to the public as a way to raise money for the fund, which pays for upkeep of the mansion.

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This year's ornament is much less exciting than it could have been, frankly: It's a model ship based on Claude Boettcher's Cutty Sark, which currently sits behind the bar in the Governor's Room at the mansion. (The Boettcher family's foundation donated the home to the state in 1959 to serve as the executive residence.)

And the bad Home Shopping Network-like description doesn't help: "All of the ornaments in the series are made in the USA of the finest quality brass, screen-printed in exquisite colors, and hand finished in sparkling 24-karat gold. Each high quality piece comes in a gift box with a hot-stamp of the image of the ornament created by Whitney Designs, Inc. of Denver," it reads.

Why is this year's ornament a yawn? Well, let's start with the fact that the ship is sitting behind something way more interesting: the bar. How about an ornament inspired by the storied boozing that has taken place in the mansion over the past few decades, courtesy of various gubernatorial family members? Or what about one that commemorates the fact that John Hickenlooper, the former owner of the Wynkoop Brewing Company, installed three taps for craft beer inside the mansion last March?

Or maybe the fund could whip up a 24-karat gold ornament depicting the tired noggin of poor Bob Beauprez; the Republican gubernatorial candidate was one of the few GOP members to lose a close race earlier this month, after he poured in close to a million of his own cash. Although he refused to concede for several hours after the pundits had called the race for Hickenlooper, Beauprez eventually laid his head on the political guillotine.

Which makes it suitable for hanging.

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