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The Mayday Experiment: Maiden Voyage

The tiny house has made its maiden voyage. Invited to collaborate on a project at the Wittemyer Ranch overlooking Boulder by curators Petra Sertic and Alvin Gregorio , Philip Spangler and I decided that, though it was not necessarily an artistic collaboration in the truest sense, using the tiny house as a site to play with seemed a logical approach.

For the past three years, Petra and Alvin have curated Launch Pad, a site-specific project that asks artists to create works of art in unusual locations. John and Jenn Wittemyer, collectors and art supporters, have generously allowed the use of their land for this purpose, which last year culminated in a mile-long hike among dozens of artists' installations, ending in a community potluck with music and friends. Having visited the Wittemyer Ranch for Launch Pad 2 (one of the best art events I've ever seen in Colorado), I was excited to be included, and especially to have the chance to work with Philip on something besides the house. The curators had chosen the theme of "Secrets and Herbs," so Philip and I began having conversations about secrets and how to incorporate the tiny house into a collaboration that would reflect both of our respective interests.

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Lauri Lynnxe Murphy