WTF Project Runway?!?

Words cannot even begin to describe my disappointment last night when Kenley won the challenge. Look at that dress! Just look at it! I bet when you first saw the photo you might have guessed that it was the ultimate loser of the night, but no, it was actually the dress that Heidi and Co. deemed the BEST. Yikes!

The way that her one hip is made to look huge and fat because of all that voluminous, hideous tulle is just too much. And I can't have been the only one who was shocked when the judges went over their top three picks -- I thought they were all some of the worst looks to walk to the runway.

What about Kelli's funky black number? Or Jerell's green, slinky stunner? Even Suede (who continues to annoy everyone by referring to himself in the third person) managed a rather beautiful shirt dress. Well, you know, beautiful for a shirt dress isn't really saying much, but still...

I sure hope the judges' bad taste will improve next week, because while we all love watching the hideous outfits get made, no one wants them to actually win a challenge. Geez.

To see all of last night's looks and rate the runway for yourself, click here.

-- Aubrey Shoe

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