Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find Bubble Hash Nowadays?

Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find Bubble Hash Nowadays?
Dear Stoner: Dispensaries don’t carry good ol’ bubble hash anymore, only shatter and oily goop. Where can I find bubble hash?

Dear Ted: Bubble hash is harder to find at retail stores today than it was at MMJ dispensaries in 2010, but your favorite concentrate isn’t extinct. After a down period during the first boom of solvent-based extraction, bubble hash is actually making a comeback. While people haven’t stopped buying wax and shatter, solventless concentrates are on the rise, and bubble hash — both a cheaper option and a required step for high-quality rosin makers — is more readily available as a result.
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Bubble hash is making a comeback.
A long list of stores on dispensary menu websites now list bubble hash or pre-rolls with bubble hash in them. I’m not talking ice-water wax that costs $70 per gram; I’m talking old-school bubble hash, Ted, usually priced anywhere from $20 to $40. Extractors like the Flower Collective, Dadirri and the Greenery are responsible for much of that resurgence, pumping out grams and pre-rolls for stores around Colorado (the Greenery even claims its process yields Lebanese- and Moroccan-style hash), while dispensaries such as Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill and Good Chemistry produce their own water-extracted hash at more affordable rates.

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