Ask a Stoner: Does Cannabis Have a Harvest Season?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Does Cannabis Have a Harvest Season?

Dear Stoner: Does cannabis have a harvest season? That would be a fun farmers’ party to check out.

Dear Robert: The majority of commercial cannabis in Colorado is still grown inside warehouses, and there are numerous harvests every year. Because they can grow throughout the winter and don’t need to rely on seasonal shifts for their plants to start blooming, indoor growers pull down their plants every three or four months. But more and more legal marijuana is being grown outdoors (where there are still loads of illegal grows, too), and for these cannabis crops, the harvest season occurs just once, in the fall.
Hemp farmers actually celebrate harvest season more than growers in the cannabis industry do. Hemp can be grown on regular farms — as opposed to cannabis, which must be fenced off and farmed on a licensed property if grown outdoors. The harvests from hemp are also much larger than those from cannabis, because hemp is grown for fiber and processed more like wheat than cannabis, which is dried, cured and trimmed before being sold. So if you’re looking for a harvest party, find a hemp grower — most are veteran farmers, and likely to be cool with the cannabis thing if they’re wise enough to grow its less-regulated cousin.

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