Ask a Stoner: Where Did All the Festivals Go?

Ask a Stoner: Where Did All the Festivals Go?

Dear Stoner: Where did all the cannabis festivals and expos go? It’s like Denver doesn’t exist anymore.

Dear Eddy: We’ve been passed by for newer, hotter cities. But even though some of the established expos and cannabis cups have moved on to sexier regions with newer legal markets, we still get our fair share of cannabis conferences and festivals.

The 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup.
The 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup.
Ken Hamblin III

The High Times Cannabis Cup left Denver for friendlier cities after 2015 over licensing issues, while organizations such as the National Cannabis Industry Association and MJBizCon have held recent flagship events in the southern U.S., on the East Coast and in Las Vegas, three areas that all have younger recreational cannabis markets than Denver. With Illinois and Michigan recently joining the party and California booming, that’s not going to change.

Don’t be too sad, though: Denver will still see smaller events from those organizations, big annual expos like the Indo Expo and NoCo Hemp Expo, plus 4/20 fun around town. We haven’t been abandoned, but we’re not unique anymore, either.

For up-to-date event listings, see the Cannabis Calendar we publish every Monday morning.

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