Ask a Stoner: Why Get Wired and Tired With CBD and Coffee?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Why Get Wired and Tired With CBD and Coffee?

Dear Stoner: What's the point of mixing CBD and coffee? One makes me tired and the other makes me wired. Don't get it.

Dear Beanz: Clearly, someone isn't a fan of the wake-and-bake. If you think that combination sets you up for a cliff dive, just imagine mixing THC and caffeine together — something plenty of tokers do, either with smoking or with edibles.

The argument for mixing CBD and caffeine is the same as the reason you're not a fan: Some people believe the calming effects of CBD can counter the jitters of drinking too much coffee, while others feel that small amounts of CBD provide energy, so adding it to coffee can provide a sort of clear-minded boost. However, there are plenty of coffee drinkers who fall into your camp and think that CBD and coffee together just create a bigger comedown than a regular cup.

Strava Craft Coffee's CBD-infused beans.EXPAND
Strava Craft Coffee's CBD-infused beans.
Thomas Mitchell

I like the addition, personally, and don't notice any change to the flavor of my coffee. I've never felt drowsier than usual after drinking CBD coffee, and think the CBD has kept at bay any anxiety and tense stomach from over-caffeination. The biggest obstacle is the price, with 12-ounce bags of the stuff costing upwards of $50.

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