An advertisement image for Mineral, a line of CBD wellness products sold at Neiman Marcus.
An advertisement image for Mineral, a line of CBD wellness products sold at Neiman Marcus.
Courtesy of Mineral

As Expected, CBD at Neiman Marcus is Pricey and Weird

It looks like rich people have discovered CBD.

Neiman Marcus is known for charging exorbitant prices for underwhelming shit, so it's no surprise that the store's CBD products are expensive, weird and small.

Want 1.69 ounces of something called Lord Jones CBD lotion? That'll be $60. How about .34 ounces of CBD hemp balm that you can conveniently roll on your skin? Cough up $30. But our favorite has to be the five-pack of CBD-infused moisturizing face masks, which will soothe your skin for just $70.

The products boast typical marketing grandeur, such as pictures of half-naked weirdos looking away from the camera (that brand, Mineral, labels itself a "luxury hemp brand," and sells CBD salves and oils) and bath wands that sort of look like anal beads.

To be fair to Neiman Marcus, it's not the only one charging high prices for hemp-derived CBD. Plenty of brands not sold at high-end department stores are asking big money for CBD oils, lotions and edibles, despite the cannabinoid getting churned out in mass amounts on an agricultural level. But virtually nowhere else is selling one ounce of a CBD face-cleansing product for $148 — and selling out of it.

This is the same store that is currently charging $4,200 for Star Wars-inspired cuff links and sold live camels, cattle and baby elephants via mail order several decades ago, so expensive CBD face goop is hardly outrageous by comparison. 

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