CBD spray can freshen the mind and your lunch breath.
CBD spray can freshen the mind and your lunch breath.

CBD Breath Spray Freshens More Than Mouths

Nobody likes to spend the holidays alone, but what’s an anxious single who's trying to mingle supposed to do when cold feet and a zesty burp hit? Spray a little hemp in your mouth, according to Boulder's H. Hemp Company. The company's Super Breath Blast Nano Spray, a quick spritz of hemp-infused peppermint freshness, highlights a new consumption method for cannabinoids.

Infused with 160 milligrams of hemp extract and CBD, the spray isn’t just targeted toward the dating community. H. Hemp believes it's a pocket-sized remedy that helps lessen daily stressors when you need a quick, accessible fix without any mind-altering effects. Westword spoke with H. Hemp Company co-founder and CEO Ashely Grace about how his CBD breath spray works and how it can change CBD consumption.

Westword: What gave you the idea to create a CBD-infused breath spray?

Ashley Grace: Consumers are very interested in trying CBD, but price, product confusion and taste are major barriers. We wanted to create a simple, dual-use product that was affordable and also delivered relief results — a big challenge. The answer was in the proprietary nanotechnology, which allows our hemp extract to be dispersed into water, which dramatically increases the product bioavailability — the amount one needs to consume in order to gain relief is lessened.

Incorporating this technology into a convenient breath spray just made sense to us from the beginning, because there are so many times throughout the day that we just need to relax or calm down — often associated with taking a deep breath. So, we thought, why not just put these two things together?

What is the production process like, from extraction to packaging?

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We know and respect the criticality of product quality in forming a strong, lasting brand, so we took the time to extensively vet our growing, extraction and product manufacturing partners to ensure that we only work with the highest-quality organizations. The industry is growing too fast to build and control every single step of the product value chain and production cycle yourself, so partnerships are the only way to build a scalable product in this industry. If you do it all yourself, when your business rapidly grows, you eventually run out of hemp, and then you're out of hemp. If you partner with high-quality suppliers along the way, you can plug and play as you grow.

Super Breath Blast Nano Spray.
Super Breath Blast Nano Spray.
Courtesy of H. Hemp

How effective is the bioavailability of a CBD breath spray in comparison to other CBD products you offer, or others on the market today?

The idea behind our Super Breath Blast is that the hemp CBD goes directly into your bloodstream via the soft tissue of your mouth. There is no waiting. With MCT tinctures [made with refined cannabis oil], while some is absorbed through the soft tissue, most is processed through your digestive system. This slower bioavailability means one generally must take more product in order to get relief. While research is nonexistent, anecdotal discussion suggests that 2 milligrams of a super-bioavailable product — one spray of our product — might perform like 20 milligrams of a tincture.

Can you explain the science behind nanotechnology?

Ours is a proprietary process where various natural ingredients are combined with hemp in a manner that allows the oils to be dispersed throughout the water rather than sitting on top of the water, like oil generally does. By doing this, the molecules are then able to be more immediately absorbed into your body's tissues, since we are over 60 percent water ourselves. It allows a little to go a long way.

Do you think you will come out with other flavors and varieties of breath spray?

Yes. Our Super Breath Blast is an intentionally strong, bold blast of peppermint. It tastes great, but it’s strong and not for everyone, so we're working on a couple of less-bold flavors and some alternative bold flavors, too.

What are the benefits to using a breath spray versus a tincture?

I have two full tincture droppers every morning in my bulletproof coffee. They're great for everyday health and wellness, but they don't travel well, and they aren't great when immediate, severe relief is needed. So I keep a spray in my pocket or my backpack. The sprays are for those who need to supplement their routines at various stress points and those who like to take it at various points throughout the day and want a convenient, discreet option while on the go. Also, we hear of migraine sufferers using our spray, since the speed is so much faster — almost like a vape, but not quite.

What are the advantages of using all cannabinoids versus just CBD?

We see that hemp CBD works for some people, and others need to have all cannabinoids. It's something we hope that research is able to address soon, but we believe in the efficacy of both.

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