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Cannabis Climax: Will THC and CBD Sex Products Spice Up the Bedroom?

Two taboos in one.
HighOnLove's sensual products come in CBD and THC versions.
HighOnLove's sensual products come in CBD and THC versions. Courtesy of HighOnLove
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Love isn't the only thing in the air during February in Colorado, where cannabis is seemingly always around the corner and flower bouquets are rolled and smoked. But Angela Mustone is hoping cannabis users and lovers alike take that combination one step further this Valentine's Day.

A former sales executive in the exotic toys and products industry, Mustone traveled to Asia for work before settling down in Canada, where she had the bright idea to add THC to a sensual gel she was developing. Able to study and experiment more with THC and CBD in a country with federally legal cannabis, Mustone eventually created the HighOnLove line of cannabinoid-infused oils, gels and cosmetics for the bedroom.

Now available in Colorado, HighOnLove offers THC products that can increase orgasms in women and add a few strokes to a guy's game, according to Mustone (we're eagerly waiting to confirm), as well as CBD lubricants that can help with discomfort during penetration. The effects also extend to oral sex, she says, pointing to HighOnLove's new line of lip gloss. With Valentine's Day approaching, we caught up with Mustone for a blush-filled conversation about cannabis and coitus.

Westword: How hard is it to launch a cannabis sex line that carries two different senses of taboo?

Angela Mustone: When I'm in front of a mainstream buyer, they have no idea what it is, and when they find out, they think it's a genius idea. This combination has gotten me in front of Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's buyers. If it were just a normal sex product, it probably wouldn't have gotten their attention. I went to a beauty show in August, and the buyers thought it was a great concept at the booth. We wanted to show it off, and it doesn't look like something you want to hide. My packaging comes from perfume models, and my manufacturers make glass bottles.

It wasn't easy, of course. We're climbing mountains every day, but I believe we'll eventually get there. We've hit a lot of strides.

How would adding THC to oils, lubricants and other products enhance our sex lives?

You need to use the whole plant for [the best experience], which is why I love THC and I'm passionate about those products. It basically increases your blood flow. For example, my stimulating oil increases the sensation of [a woman's] orgasms, but with THC, I call it the gift that keeps on giving. You keep on orgasming. When I was developing the normal product for my buyer in China, that's when I had my chemist add THC, just to have fun and try it out. I tried it with my boyfriend, and that's when I was like, holy shit. So I made some for my friends, and then I knew I had to take this to market.

I was making something I was having fun with, and everything I make in my line is made because I love it and it's fun for me, too. I pray everyone else likes it, too.

Where can CBD play a role in sex lives?

We have three versions of the brand: hemp seed oil, CBD and THC. The hemp seed oil is the brand I sell in Canada, Russia and Europe. I started including more CBD because my American buyers wanted it for their clients. They'd prefer THC, but they like CBD, too.

It's great for discomfort and pain. It's fantastic for pain management in massage oils and stimulating lubricants, because it subsides discomfort. But in terms of adding pleasure, it's about THC. CBD won't add pleasure.

So who's feeling the THC during intercourse, men or women? And where?

I put up some money to perform studies on men, and it was found to be great for anal. Some men delayed themselves from cumming too fast on THC. The anal part with CBD is fine, but delayed cumming was from THC. Some men, depending on the age, they didn't cum at all, which they didn't like — but the age group over fifty loved that. On a personal standpoint, my partner hates it, because he can't cum. But I love it!

I do this because I'm really passionate about what I do, and I love the products I manufacture. It's all about trying them yourself, and I'll tell my buyers that, too. I'm not a doctor, but being in the sexual wellness space, I mostly know what works and what doesn't. It's subjective and there are a lot of factors when it comes to sex, but there are a lot of benefits when it comes to cannabis.

How much information did you have to work with when you started formulating your products? Has there been a lot of research into how cannabinoids impact sex?

I actually got a lot of information from the University of Colorado. But when Canada legalized it federally, a local university here in Quebec got a lot of grants for research, and that's how I was able to conduct my studies on how cannabinoids affected men or women. Believe it or not, I didn't even need to pay for them. There were test subjects and doctors. It had to be a health thing as opposed to a pleasure thing, because the government wants to do studies into pain management or menopause. When you say you want to study orgasms [laughs], they're not going to put money into that.
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