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Reader: Fewer Texans Coming to Colorado for Cannabis? That's a Win.

Trinidad has become a cannabis tourism stop.
Trinidad has become a cannabis tourism stop. Google maps
Since April 1, it's been legal to sell recreational marijuana in New Mexico, which means that those Texans who used to make the trek to Colorado to stock up on cannabis now have a closer stop.

With weed sales now legalized in eighteen states, is Colorado about to lose its status as a tourist destination for weed? Will this cut into the economy not just of towns on our southern border, like Trinidad, but the entire state? Colorado consumers shared some thoughts on the Westword Facebook post of our story on the start of sales in New Mexico. Says Sandy:
I fail to see the downside of fewer Texans coming to Colorado.
Adds Marc:
Fewer Texans = win.
Responds John:
Fewer Texicans (and Kansans and Nebraskans) is a good thing.
Counters Steve:
What a laugh. You cannot outdo a Texan on anything. Everything is bigger and better in TexaSS.
Suggests Kevin:
Maybe our product could get better.
Warns Wesley:
It could just be legal everywhere. Our profits, while good for the economy, exist in a legal void. It's time for the entire nation to move forward. And, luckily, such a bill passed the House, despite GOP opposition.
Concludes Eric:
 Could the writer make the state as a whole come off any more self-entitled.? "Could cut into," as if people have any obligation to travel to Colorado to get average pot. The really adorable one is where you guys think you have better green chile, when only one of the two has national to global recognition. You guys have amazing natural scenery but calm down with the whole superiority complex en masse about everything.
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