Why Colorado Tokers Love Blueberry Headband

Wrap your head around Blueberry Headband.
Wrap your head around Blueberry Headband. Herbert Fuego
If I asked you to name the genetics of Blueberry Headband, you’d probably respond with something like, “Yes, dipshit, I know what two plus two is. Blueberry Headband is an obvious hybrid of Blueberry and Headband.” But in the immortal words of the late Charlie Murphy: Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I used to assume the same thing, so don’t feel bad. And after a little research into the history of the strain, you won’t feel so misled. Blueberry Headband was originally bred from four strains — Blueberry, Emerald OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Pre-’98 Bubba Kush — two of which (Sour Diesel and Emerald OG Kush) carry genetics heavily found in Headband. So while it took more of an orgy than an intimate one-on-one to create Blueberry Headband, the result still carries many of the same characteristics that made the original Headband so popular.

Unfortunately, some breeders take a shortcut when creating this fifty-fifty hybrid, crossing Blueberry and Headband to get a similar but bastardized version of the strain. If you ask a dispensary about its genetics and it doesn’t give you the original recipe, it either doesn’t know jack about its product or is selling the bunk cut — neither of which are acceptable. Would you pay $12 for a Tom Collins made from gin and Sprite? I sure wouldn’t.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t dispensaries in Denver doing it the right way, though. Kind Love’s version of the strain, available in both flower and clones at the dispensary and available wholesale at other shops around town, is made the old-fashioned way, and you can easily taste the invigorating blend of berries, citrus and Sour Diesel flavors after a bowl. Lightshade also has Blueberry Headband regularly available for a cheaper price, but its flavor and smell aren’t nearly the same. Botanico, Live Green and Sante Alternative Wellness sell Blueberry Headband, too, and I’ve enjoyed Botanico and Sante’s versions immensely. Both provide functional daytime highs while medicating for anxiety and stress, appetite problems and even headaches.

Looks: More sativa-looking than indica, Blueberry Headband comes in the form of large, fluffy buds reminiscent of Headband, with a glowing bright-green color, vibrant orange pistils and moderate but milky trichome coverage.

Smell: The strain’s smell is a win-win for Blueberry and Headband lovers, combining the former’s syrupy, sweet smells of blueberry pie with the latter’s pungent scents of zesty citrus and diesel fuel.

Flavor: It heavily depends on the cut you get, but Blueberry Headband should be a tart combination of Blueberry’s sweet and savory berry flavors with a slightly gassy, citrus twinge at the end, almost like a pastry. Berry flavors should influence the palate, but I’ve had some that are more of an even split.

Effects: Similar to Church or Flo, Blueberry Headband provides an incredibly balanced indica-sativa high that relaxes the body and uplifts the mind. I prefer it mid-day or early evening thanks to its ability to melt stress and muscle tension, but I know many smokers who enjoy it before bed for the same reasons. It can also help with creative tasks like art, writing and music if you can handle the indica comedown.

Home grower’s take: “This one is pretty easy to get as clones in dispensaries and on the street. Its yields are heavy, it does well any time of year indoors, and people really enjoy the flavor. It’s hard to find a combo of citrus and savory-sweet, but this is one of the better selections. Takes about ten weeks to flower, but the resin glands really pop around week six or seven, which is a good motivator when you’re getting impatient. Good strain to try after you have a few harvests under your belt.”

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