Ask a Stoner: Will My Colorado License Plates Put Me at Risk?

Dear Stoner: I’m getting big into fly fishing and am planning out some trips this summer. Should I be concerned about Colorado plates in certain states if I bring weed?

Dear Zach: Short answer: Yes. Arizona and New Mexico have legalized recreational marijuana, and Oklahoma has liberal medical marijuana laws, but everywhere else is dangerous territory, my friend.

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Fly fishing is great in Colorado, but the addicts eventually need to venture elsewhere.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

We still get reports of Colorado drivers being harassed by law enforcement in states like Kansas, Texas and Wyoming, so be wary of any signals in your ride that might set off a pot-hating cop’s antenna — especially in Wyoming, where the fly fishing is top-notch and the sheriffs actually sent out a press release telling Coloradans to keep their pot at home. You could also look up trips to Montana or Alaska, both of which have recreational pot and pristine rivers.

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