The Super Lemon Haze is now the Nickel's second-most-popular cocktail.
The Super Lemon Haze is now the Nickel's second-most-popular cocktail.
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This Class Will Teach You How to Mix CBD and Booze

Good googly moogly, is CBD blowing up or what? You can find food, drinks and lotions infused with the hemp-derived cannabinoid at national drug store chains, coffee shops, local liquor stores and even a fast-food chain on a certain day in April.

Bars are trying out CBD, too, with the Nickel at Hotel Teatro crafting cocktails around it and adding CBD to traditional drinks upon request. Now, the Nickel wants to teach you how to do the same at home.

After its recent success putting CBD cocktails on the menu and hosting a one-time dinner infused with CBD, the Nickel was inspired to create a workshop where bartenders will teach you how to make a Chill Lebowski and Super Lemon Haze — two drinks garnished with 12 milligrams of CBD oil with black pepper and turmeric — as well as a CBD mocktail with no alcohol. They'll also instruct you on other ways to infuse your personal favorites with CBD, too.

The Chill Lebowski is the Nickel's take on a White Russian, with chili liqueur, espresso, honey syrup, Frangelico, egg white and CBD oil, while the Super Lemon Haze is a concoction of housemade limoncello, ginger liqueur, cherry bitters, whipped cream and CBD oil. According to Teatro food and beverage manager Derrick Odom, the Super Lemon Haze is now the bar's second-most-popular cocktail, behind the classic Old Fashioned.

Tickets to the workshop, at the Nickel from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Monday, April 29, are $35, and will include the three aforementioned drinks and their recipes, as well as charcuterie plates during the class.

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