Lightshade is recalling dried marijuana flower from all eight of its metro-area dispensaries.EXPAND
Lightshade is recalling dried marijuana flower from all eight of its metro-area dispensaries.
Scott Lentz

Lightshade Recalls Marijuana Over Mold and Yeast Worries

The Lightshade dispensary chain is voluntarily recalling marijuana over mold and yeast concerns, according to an announcement from the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment. It is the second recall over mold to hit Lightshade since 2018.

The DDPHE sent out a recall notice Tuesday, April 9, announcing that Lightshade was recalling dried marijuana flower products from all eight of its stores in the metro area. Department investigation reports show that a citizen compliant tipped off the DDPHE, which then took samples from the dispensary chain's cultivation at 11975 East 40th Avenue. After lab tests showed potentially unsafe levels of mold and yeast contamination, the two sides agreed on a product recall.

Find the affected Lightshade stores and recalled marijuana OPC codes (they appear on labels of every marijuana package) below:

  • 330 South Dayton Street, Denver (402-00405/402R-00106)
  • 3950 Holly Street, Denver (402-00603/402R-00073)
  • 1126 South Sheridan Boulevard, Denver (402-00970/402R-00360)
  • 11975 East 40th Avenue, Denver (402-01010/402R-000163)
  • 745 East 6th Avenue, Denver (402R-00479)
  • 9364 Federal Boulevard, Federal Heights (402-01255/402R-00684)
  • 503 Havana Street, Aurora (402R-00293)
  • 16821 East Illiff Avenue, Aurora (402R-00579)

In an announcement of the latest recall, the DDPHE tells customers to return or dispose of any recalled products.

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"Short- and long-term health impacts resulting from inhalation exposure to mold/yeast may exist depending on the specific product, duration, frequency and level of exposure. Consumers with concerns about their personal health should contact their physician with related questions. Any consumers who experienced symptoms of illness after smoking, vaping, or other consumption method of plant material purchased from Lightshade are also urged to contact DDPHE at phicomments@denvergov.org," the announcement reads.

In a statement sent to Westword, Lightshade says the investigation into the products' safety is still under way. “Here at Lightshade, we take the health of our customers very seriously. Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to voluntarily recall this product temporarily while we investigate the issue further,” the statement reads.

The dispensary chain found itself in a similar situation last year, when Lightshade's five Denver dispensaries had to recall pre-rolled joints over mold concerns stemming from a DDPHE investigation. To contact Lightshade about the latest recall, email mike@lightshade.com.

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