Kind Love is offering 3.5 grams of cannabis for a penny to Denver Public Schools teachers.EXPAND
Kind Love is offering 3.5 grams of cannabis for a penny to Denver Public Schools teachers.
Scott Lentz

Dispensary Offers Penny Eighths of Weed to DPS Teachers

A strike is keeping many Denver teachers out of the classroom, but one local pot shop still wants to give them a smoke break.

In the same spirit as restaurants offering free or discounted meals to furloughed federal workers during the government shutdown, Glendale dispensary Kind Love is selling eighths of its award-winning cannabis for a penny to anyone with a Denver Public Schools badge. 

"Technically, we have to charge them something," explains Kind Love chief brand officer Matt LaBrier, adding that state law doesn't allow dispensaries to give away products for free. "We figured this was the least we could do."

LaBrier says he saw protesting teachers outside of North High School on his way to work Monday, February 11, the same day that Denver Public Schools teachers walked out in protest over the district's compensation system. Kind Love plans to continue the deal as the Denver Classroom Teachers Association union and the DPS resume negotiations on February 12, and will possibly extend it further if the strike continues.

Although technically located in Glendale, an independent municipality inside of Denver, most of Kind Love's customers are from the city. A handful of those Denver customers are teachers, according to LaBrier, who says that several of his close friends work in public education, as well.

"We've got quite a few teachers who come in here. A couple already have, and we hope we get some more this week," he adds. "I think they do some of the most important work on earth, and we don't necessarily treat them the way we should."

The dispensary offered a similar promotion for military veterans on Veterans' Day in November, but couldn't do much for federal employees during the government shutdown — for obvious reasons, LaBrier says.

Kind Love is located at 4380 East Alameda Avenue in Glendale. Learn more about the dispensary's offer and menu by calling the store at 303-565-3600 or visiting Kind Love's website.

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