Ask a Stoner: Does Anyone in Denver Care About Smelling Pot Smoke in Public?

Ask a Stoner: Does Anyone in Denver Care About Smelling Pot Smoke in Public?
Brandon Marshall
Dear Stoner: Does anybody give a shit about public pot smoking in this city? Every time I go out to eat, I smell burnt weed.

Dear Timber: The cop who gave my friend Flam a citation for smoking weed outside of a Broncos game gave a shit. And I don’t blame that cop. You can’t be smoking a joint in front of kids, or in the middle of large public crowds that didn’t ask for a contact high, or even at a family event (shout-out to Flam). If you must, hit a hash pen off the walking path or in a bathroom stall — like a respectable adult.

Some parts of Denver smell more like burnt weed than others, including downtown, Capitol Hill, stretches of Broadway and Colfax — and the 16th Street Mall, but who’s hanging out there, anyway? Still, if the smoker isn’t in your face, what’s the big deal? Denver has worse problems (and smells) to address.

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