Destination Dispensaries Across Colorado

At Seed & Smith, you can go on a cannabis tour and view growing operations, extraction labs and other steps in pot production.
At Seed & Smith, you can go on a cannabis tour and view growing operations, extraction labs and other steps in pot production. Jacqueline Collins
A lack of things to do besides shop at dispensaries hasn't exactly hurt pot's popularity, but offering customers grow tours, building themed dispensaries or opening a pot lounge next door certainly adds to the fun.

While new social consumption licenses could bring dispensary tasting rooms to Colorado within the next year or so, it will remain challenging to find quick and nearby cannabis activities in the meantime. So we scouted Colorado pot shops and came up with these eight dispensaries that will enhance your cannabis-buying experience with educational or entertaining options.

Seed & Smith

5070 Oakland Street
The area surrounding Seed & Smith doesn't look like anything special — the dispensary is located in a north Denver industrial district (which is also home to a paintball course and a Leopold Bros. distillery, so don't judge a book by its cover) — but it's what's on the inside that counts. On top of having a fine dispensary and award-winning line of vaporizer products, Seed & Smith offers free seed-to-sale tours, taking customers on a forty-minute walk through the dispensary's cultivation, extraction lab, packaging room and more. The tours take place from noon to 6 p.m., Thursdays through Sundays.

Smokin' Gun Apothecary
492 South Colorado Boulevard, Glendale
The weed at Smokin' Gun is sourced from wholesale grows, but there are still plenty of unique aspects to this Glendale dispensary, which is located right next door to a strip club owned by the same family, or close enough. Two pillars in front are designed as spliffs, while the building itself is shaped like a MAC-10 machine gun, with red lights on top. Inside, budtenders work behind Old West bank teller windows, with a mock jail cell to remind customers that what they're buying used to carry jail time; signs offer other historic trivia.

1136 Yuma
1136 Yuma Court
This is the sole dispensary on this list with a legal place to consume cannabis next door: 1136 Yuma is under the same ownership as the Coffee Joint, Denver's only licensed pot lounge. You get in the Coffee Joint for free (21+) after a purchase at 1136 Yuma, and puff away. You can order food, play video games or just burn one before you head to the airport. Because of a local ordinance, the Coffee Joint can't let you smoke, but does allow dabbing and vaping, and provides electronic dab nails upon request (bring your own rig or vape).

72399 U.S. Highway 40, Tabernash
We'd be remiss not to include a mountain-town dispensary, but the truth is that many of them are just bare-bones operations, located in small shacks and strip malls, with products that are generally more expensive than they'd be at lower elevation. But Tabernash, a Grand County town located less than ten miles from Winter Park and just over thirty minutes from the Hot Sulphur Springs, is home to a monster. The Igadi dispensary chain's headquarters, growing operation and edibles facility are located in the same building as the dispensary, with window tours available so you can see how the sausage is made.
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