Denver Marijuana Guide

Pineapple Exchange

2895 W. 8th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204
  • Features:
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Menu Categories: Drinks
  • Menu Categories: Edibles
  • Menu Categories: Extracts
  • Menu Categories: Preroll
  • Product Source: In-House


  • Daily 9 a.m.-7:45 p.m.
Serving medical marijuana patients since 2015, Pineapple Exchange offers several ways to occupy your time if you’re ever stuck waiting in line. The dispensary has walk-in tours of its on-site growing facility, along with an art gallery that you can peruse until the bud bar is clear. The strain lineup here is a robust list of such classic names as Sour Diesel and Blackwater OG, as well as interesting varieties like Lost Coast Hashplant and Mazar. Dispensary members receive grams of wax for under $25 and $120 ounces of any strain they want — no strings attached. Pineapple Exchange also sells pre-rolls with honest labels of green (shake), yellow (shake and nug) and red (all-nug).

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