Ask a Stoner: Quarantining Proves We Should Grow Our Own

Ask a Stoner: Quarantining Proves We Should Grow Our Own
Dear Stoner: All these businesses shutting down during coronavirus further proves that we should all be growing our own weed — and that we should be allowed to grow more than six measly plants.
Doomsday Doobies

Dear Doobies: Hard to argue with the “grow your own” mentality, especially during times like these. Growing your own cannabis provides peace of mind about what's going into your buds, and being weed rich is almost as good as being real rich — as long as you're not a tool about it. A lot of people don't have the knowledge or means (or freedom of home ownership) to grow their own, and I'm sure you know how much time and resources good weed takes. So unless you also run a farm and live off the grid, you’d better be prepared to consume the same shit if the world really shuts down.
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Marijuana clone
Kate McKee Simmons
Still, your point will definitely ring true if this pandemic worsens and reaches a point that we don't really want to think about, such as essential businesses being forced to close. (Colorado considers dispensaries as essential, and so does Denver despite Mayor Hancock not intending to do so for about three hours on March 23.)

And if we reach that point, I don't think state or local law enforcement will give a hoot about how many weed plants are in your basement. But I will want your number...

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