Ask a Stoner: Why Does Marijuana Improve My Sex Life?

Ask a Stoner: Why Does Marijuana Improve My Sex Life?

Dear Stoner:
Why is sex better when I’m high?

Dear Gina: Sex and pot don’t mix as well as you might think for everyone; scientific evidence and experiential anecdotes frequently clash over whether consuming cannabis enhances sex or not. Dosage is an important factor; as with alcohol or other drugs, higher dosages of marijuana will increase the chances of erectile problems for men. The type of strain is critical, too, because everyone reacts differently to certain indicas, sativas and hybrids, which can affect arousal and sexual euphoria. So only smoke half a blunt next time.

If you can get past the initial hurdle, though, reports indicate that marijuana can improve sex once it starts. In a 2014 article on The Cut, a psychology professor at the University at Albany reported that the CB1 receptor — a cannabinoid receptor in your brain that is affected by THC — “seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria” during sex. It also lets your freak out: Surveys and studies covered by Leafly, High Times and the Washington Post showed that people who smoked marijuana with their sexual partners were brought closer together with fewer sexual inhibitions. My favorite advantage? Smoking weed alters the perception of time for most users, making certain experiences seem to last longer than they really do.

Now, if only it made certain things look longer...

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