Euflora hosted the Mile High 420 Festival for the first time in 2018.EXPAND
Euflora hosted the Mile High 420 Festival for the first time in 2018.
Jacqueline Collins

Euflora Will Again Host Mile High 420 Fest in Civic Center Park

All signs point to the Mile High 420 Festival returning to Civic Center Park on April 20, and it looks like the same organizers will be back to host the party.

The website for last year's Mile High 420 Fest has been updated, telling visitors to mark their calendars for the stoner holiday. "Mile High 420 fest is on for 2019! Please stay tuned for more details as we are in the midst of planning," the page reads.

Back in November, we reported that a public-event application under the name Mile High 420 Fest at Civic Center had been filed for Saturday, April 20, 2019, with the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation. At the time, Denver-area dispensary chain Euflora, host of the 2018 event, denied any involvement in the 2019 fest, even though the application holder was Euflora's in-house attorney.

Now, according to the website, the 2019 Mile High 420 Fest is "hosted by Euflora."

The festival's schedule and music lineup have not yet been announced, although organizers are now accepting vendor applications through the site.

April 20 has long been celebrated at Civic Center Park. Last year, the inaugural Mile High 420 Fest took over the permit from the Denver 420 Rally following a public dispute between rival event organizers. The event included performances by Lil Wayne, Lil Jon and the Original Wailers, with plenty of non-sanctioned toking going on around the stages — an unofficial tradition on April 20 no matter who's organizing the event. Over seventy citations related to cannabis were handed out at Civic Center on April 20, 2018, according to the Denver Police Department.

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As in previous years, the 2019 festival will be free, and expects to host tens of thousands of people, according to the Parks and Rec application; there will be food and beverage vendors (including alcohol sales), product vendors and live music and other entertainment. Absent in the application is any mention of public pot smoking.

We've reached out to the event organizers and will share information as we receive it.

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