Ask a Stoner: Ideas for Autumn Edibles

Ask a Stoner: Ideas for Autumn Edibles
Dear Stoner: I've got the infusion process down for butter and cooking oil, but my imagination sucks. What are some fall-centric edibles?

Dear Cook: Well, since you already have the infusion process down, then you just need some autumn ingredients. Drizzle infused cooking oil on sweet potatoes and butternut squash for dinner, or use it to make medicated spaghetti, then put that special spaghetti in a brain mold for Halloween-style noodle brains!

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Who says you can't be seasonal while getting high?
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Dessert is easy, since you can create homemade popcorn balls (infused butter), pumpkin spice chai teas (infused milk or creamer) or dirt cake with gummy worms (infused cooking oil); they’re all very easy and incredibly delicious. You could also get uber-baked off caramel apples if you wanted, as caramel calls for butter and cream, both of which are full of THC-absorbing fats. Just be sure to label everything that’s infused.

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