Ask a Stoner: How Can I Get Oil to an Out-of-State Friend?

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Get Oil to an Out-of-State Friend?
Dear Stoner: What is the safest way to get the strongest medical oil — Rick Simpson oil or full-extract — to a patient who lives in a state where marijuana is illegal? Buy it and drive it, or mail it?

Dear Jason: There are a few ways you can go about this, which each carry varying degrees of risk involving transportation, possession or production, if you choose to make your own. First, you’ll need to figure out where to get high-quality medical marijuana oil, as most medical and recreational dispensaries don’t carry anything close to RSO or full-extract cannabis oil (FECO). You’ll need to find a caregiver who’ll make you some, or learn how to make your own from the literature available online. Making it where the patient lives would solve the transportation dilemma, but finding the sizable amount of weed or trim required to make RSO or FECO in an illegal state could be tricky...and sketchy.

If you’re able to procure either one in a legal state and then choose to drive to a state where they’re illegal, you risk getting arrested as you cross state lines; your Colorado plates make you a sitting duck. Mailing carries less risk, in my opinion, as FECO oil can easily be disguised as other herbal oils or supplements. Whichever you choose, don’t blame any legal trouble on us: We’re not lawyers, Jimbo.

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