Ask a Stoner: How Can I Reuse or Recycle Old Weed?

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Reuse or Recycle Old Weed?
Dear Stoner: I’ve accumulated some weed that’s more than a few years old. Any practical suggestions as to how I can best "recycle"?

Dear Fred: Before you attempt to use any old cannabis, inspect it to make sure that no mold or rot has grown since the last time you saw it. Undried cannabis or poorly sealed containers that have been forgotten for years can result in some yucky stuff. Your best detectors are your eyes and nose, so scan carefully for any white, fluffy mold (those aren’t extra trichomes!) and musty scents that remind you of rot. You don’t want to smoke or extract that shit.
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Jacqueline Collins
If your old buds come out clean, they’re probably too dry and harsh to smoke, but break apart a nug first to see what you’re working with. If a small hit is deemed smokeable, then empty that sack and start rolling, brother. If the cannabis is too dry or harsh on the throat, you can always grind and sift it for kief, or extract it for edibles if you have enough. Vaporizers would be a great way to take advantage of dry buds, but keep the heat low, because dry plant matter burns quickly. Don’t try to re-humidify it — you’re likely to just make it too wet or moldy.

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