Ask a Stoner: Is Hemp-CBD Sold at Weed Dispensaries?

Ask a Stoner: Is Hemp-CBD Sold at Weed Dispensaries?
Dear Stoner: Can I buy CBD products without any THC in them at dispensaries? Seems like a more consistent supplier than a random convenience store.

Dear Jed: Not yet, although that will change this summer. Dispensaries are still banned from selling any hemp or CBD products that contain no THC because of a state law adopted before recreational pot sales started in 2014. But a new state Marijuana Enforcement Division regulation coming on line July 1 will finally allow all-CBD products on dispensary shelves. The rule will also permit hemp-derived CBD to be sold at dispensaries, so that you can consume CBD from dispensaries with less (but not zero) worry about failing a drug test.

Pot shops are generally more consistent at stocking CBD products than are mini-markets, and budtenders are usually more knowledgeable about CBD dosages and uses than employees at gas stations or health-food stores. Not only that, but cannabis products sold at dispensaries must undergo much more strict potency and contaminant testing than industrial hemp products, which are still largely unregulated.

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