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Ask a Stoner: What Can I Hotbox Besides My Car?

You can find a clambake on solid ground if you need to.
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Dear Stoner: I miss hotboxing my car, but I don’t think it’s a good idea with police and all that. What are some ways I can re-create that experience?
Raspy Larry

Dear Larry: Way to grow up and carry out your irresponsible hobbies in a responsible manner. Hotboxing your car isn’t just useful for a clambake; it also keeps the smoking smell out of the house. But toking up in your car is almost guaranteed to start legal troubles if a police officer comes by, even if you don’t plan on driving. So if you’re not worried about smoking in the house, there are a few options.
Anthony Camera
Walk-in closets, small bathrooms or any small, enclosed area could easily suffice, but be prepared for a stanky house for the rest of the day. You could also get creative with a shack, pop-up tent or inflatable igloo in the back yard, or just create a blanket fort in your living room if you’re scared of outdoor cooties. All of this is moot if you have a parachute and enough people to sit inside of it, though. Unfamiliar with what I’m talking about? Research what Fort Lewis College students did on 4/20 in 2007, and get inspired.

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