Light up your love life.EXPAND
Light up your love life.
Courtesy of MJ Arsenal

These Joint Bubblers Will Make You Toke With Sophistication

Living in Colorado, it's hard to think of more things I really need for smoking weed. It's like being a rich kid on Christmas: I'll take whatever shiny toy you want to give me, but I've got all the bases covered, and then some.

Or so I thought, until this spoiled stoner came across joint bubblers.

Before I get too deep into this, I need to say that smoking joints or blunts never gets boring. In fact, it's the most orally pleasing (that's right) way to puff. It's fun to roll them up, they create more of a social bond than pipes or bongs, and, let's face it, they look cooler. But what if you could combine the pleasure of a water-filtered hit and the slow, consistent burn of a joint?

Say hello to the lineup from MJ Arsenal.

I've shoved joints and blunts into bubblers and bong downstems plenty of times, but it always takes some ghetto-rigged converter to fit them in, and the ashing process is messy. For the price of a small pipe, however, you can get a unique glass piece from MJ Arsenal that allows a whole new form of toking.

Light the blunt before putting it in the bubbler if you value your eyebrows.
Light the blunt before putting it in the bubbler if you value your eyebrows.
Courtesy of MJ Arsenal

Combining a joint and bong is a clear case of two good things becoming great, as the water's pull and joint's slow burn create smooth but powerful hits that are a cinch to measure. The fittings allow easy ashing without water spillage — although they can get a little too close to the eyebrows or facial hair, so be careful when lighting up.

The Commander Tank was easily the favorite among my friends.
The Commander Tank was easily the favorite among my friends.
Courtesy of MJ Arsenal

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MJ Arsenal products comes in many different shapes and sizes, with double-barrel options for two joints available, as well as mini-nail attachments for dabbing on the go. My clear favorite, though, is the Commander Tank bubbler, a little tank-shaped piece that's perfect for passing around with your friends.

The basic collector's pack.EXPAND
The basic collector's pack.
Courtesy of MJ Arsenal

I've tried just about every ganja accessory imaginable, and most of them are overpriced novelties that any can-do stoner could make at home. But not this one. While a joint bubbler is an undeniable novelty, it's also cheap and fun.

Just don't bogart the bubbler, man.

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