Ask a Stoner: How Can I Make Edibles Work Faster?

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Make Edibles Work Faster?

Dear Stoner: Is there any way to make an edible's impact more immediate? I don't like vaping or smoking, but I do appreciate how fast they hit.
J. Wellington Weedy

Dear Wellington: We've heard reports of infused products that kick in faster than traditional forms of eating weed, which can take anywhere from thirty minutes to upwards of two hours. I can see why you'd be interested in such an option, given how slow two hours can seem after a long day. However, most of these claims are questionable. While there are some infused drinks with concentrates that tend to hit faster than edibles, we're still far from quick results across the board.

Edibles powers, activate!
Edibles powers, activate!
Scott Lentz

There is one option I've recommended before, and I'll offer it again here: tinctures. Some companies might label them as sublingual sprays, but they're all the same. Finding them might require a little more Internet searching, since they're not as popular in the recreational market as they used to be, but tinctures can kick in as fast as ten minutes; they're applied under the tongue and enter the bloodstream faster. Just keep in mind that the effects don't last as long as edibles.

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