Ask a Stoner: Making Weed Gummies at Home

Ask a Stoner: Making Weed Gummies at Home
Dear Stoner: Is making my own weed gummies very hard? It looks fun, and I love to play with fruit juices.

Dear Fozz: If you can buy the right kind of cannabis concentrate or know how to make infused coconut oil (which is similar to making cannabutter), it's actually very easy to make weed gummies at home. You'll just need a stove, a pan, water, cannabis distillate or isolate (tasteless forms of CBD or THC) or infused coconut oil, gummy molds, your favorite packet of Jell-O, unflavored gelatin, lecithin (optional, but the gummies will bind together better) and a whisk.
If you want professional help, you can learn how to make pot candies through the Metropolitan State University of Denver's cannabis hospitality courses; there are also several online guides that will show you how to make gummies inside of an hour. Once you’re feeling confident, you can replace the water with fruit juice or add champagne and citric acid to the mix — but stay simple your first time.

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