Ask a Stoner: How to Make Weed-Infused Pizza

Ask a Stoner: How to Make Weed-Infused Pizza
Dear Stoner: Is it hard to make a weed-infused pizza?

Dear A.J.: Fear not. Although pizza is not the easiest dish for infusion, there are a few ways to stuff that pie full of cannabinoids. In fact, a chef in New York will even make one for you to order, and frozen or refrigerated pizzas pop up in dispensary edibles sections every once in a while — though shelf-life and storage requirements usually prevent any pot pizzas from sticking around commercially. Whatever. Making them at home is more fun anyway, especially if you have any sort of oven, stone or grill attachment that helps make something closer to restaurant quality.
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Jacqueline Collins
You could take the easy route and get THC distillate or a powdered distillate packet from the dispensary and then add it to marinara sauce or pizza dough. Or you could make infused olive oil at home and drizzle it under a frozen pizza before throwing it in the oven. Better yet, use your homemade infused olive oil — remember to add a little basil while you’re at it, since it all comes out during the straining process — to make your own pizza dough, or give your pizza a healthy drizzle above or below before cooking. Molto buono.

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