Ask a Stoner: Is Cannabis Delivery or Transport Legal?

Dear Stoner: I found cannabis delivery websites after receiving my Marijuana Enforcement Division work badge. But upon inquiring, they said there’s a risk since recreational delivery is illegal. Do you know if delivering between dispensaries or growers to dispensaries is illegal as well?
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Dear Under Delivered: Oh, there’s quite a risk involved. Delivery is illegal for all licensed cannabis businesses in Colorado, both medical and recreational. There's now proposal in the legislature to fix that in 2019, but previous efforts have come up short. Last year’s delivery bill, for example, was limited to medical marijuana patients in a select group of cities — and still failed. The only way MMJ patients can currently have medication delivered is if it’s done by their caregivers. Stay away from any website offering weed delivery of any kind in Colorado.
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Marijuana delivery might be too controversial for Colorado right now.
Delivering from cannabis production facilities to dispensaries is a legal business in Colorado, however. Anyone doing so must have a transporter license from the MED, and just into our sixth year of legalization, there have only been two dozen or so of those licenses issued, according to the MED. On top of that, dispensaries that produce their own flower and infused products, of which there are many, usually deliver their own. Still, wholesale products are on the rise. You could have a shot as the market matures.

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