Edibles That Have Us Hyped for Summer

Make an infused float with THC ice cream or soda — or both.
Make an infused float with THC ice cream or soda — or both. Jacqueline Collins
Melting your face off a blunt of Chemdog doesn't feel as refreshing when the heat outside is making you sweat the high out of your body. During the summer, the soothing wave of a well-dosed edible high is much more relaxing...and some of these weed-infused treats can help you cool down, too.

Ice cream, peppermint patties, sodas, floats, lemonade and candies inspired by summertime desserts are all available at pot shops today, but you might not see the niche edibles below prominently displayed at dispensaries. To keep the chill mode on high in the face of the heat, look for these seven cannabis-infused edibles:

3Js Hice Cream
No summer edibles list is complete without a frozen treat, and we'll be cooling down with 3Js this year. The pot-infused ice cream maker has four regular flavors — strawberry cheesecake, elk tracks, mint chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate — and seasonal flavors, as well as a new line of ice pops that come in ten-packs of classic flavors. The ice cream, sold in 20- and 80-milligram servings, is what pulled us in, though, specifically the strawberry cheesecake and elk tracks. The slight weedy flavor in the first bite soon disappears, and the ice cream turns into a delicious, cool treat that isn't overly sweet. And because THC bonds to fat, you'll get an extra boost from the milk and cream.

Keef float
Keef's portfolio has expanded quite a bit since debuting in Boulder over ten years ago. The manufacturer of cannabis-infused soda now makes energy drinks, seltzers, mocktails, sports drinks and even vaporizer cartridges for dispensary customers. Our favorite, though, is still the classic soda, which goes down so fast that low tolerances will need to be aware of the 10-milligram doses. If you do have the tolerance, though, THC floats are the way to go during the summer.

The Bubba Kush Root Beer and Orange Kush Soda are two obvious choices for a Keef float, but the cola, grape and blue raspberry flavors also make for a good base. As with 3Js, the ice cream's fat will add a little extra to the high after bonding with the THC — and you can always get weird and make your float with 3Js instead of the basic stuff.

click to enlarge The Cheba Chews Trifecta carries a 1:1:1 ratio of THC, CBD and CBG. - COURTESY OF CHEEBA CHEWS
The Cheba Chews Trifecta carries a 1:1:1 ratio of THC, CBD and CBG.
Courtesy of Cheeba Chews
Cheeba Chews Trifecta
Made by the OG of pot-infused taffy, the Cheeba Chews Trifecta would make an edibles list in any season. The caramel chew isn't just versatile, it's unique, packing a 1:1:1 ratio of THC, CBD and CBG, with 100 milligrams of each cannabinoid packed into the ten caramel pieces. You won't find that in a gummy, or just about any other edible out there. Don't expect to take over the world after eating more than one or two pieces, but whatever you end up doing, you'll feel damn good doing it.

Villa Grove-based Teajuana provides the goods to whip up instant or homemade THC versions of our favorite summer drinks. The company's single-serve pouches of instant lemonade powder each carry 10 milligrams of THC (as do the orange blossom and hibiscus rooibos teas, if you prefer iced tea), but we like to make our own if time allows. And for that, we use Teajuana's sugar cubes: individually packaged sugar cubes dosed with 10 milligrams of THC distillate. Make lemonade, Arnold Palmers, mocktails, cocktails or whatever you want with the cubes, then sit in the shade with your feet up.
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