Ask a Stoner: Can I Make Pot-Infused Honey at Home?

Ask a Stoner: Can I Make Pot-Infused Honey at Home?

Dear Stoner: Is making marijuana-infused honey possible? If so, do you have a recipe you can share?
Wild Eyes

Dear Wild Eyes: Honey infused with hemp-derived CBD is pretty easy to find on the retail market, both at CBD stores and online. Honey with THC is a little harder to locate, but some dispensaries do carry medicated honey from edibles manufacturers such as Binske.

Save the bees!
Save the bees!
Flickr/Pierre Grand

Making your own pot-infused honey is a sticky but relatively simple process, one that requires bud, honey, lecithin, cheesecloth and a quart jar. First, grind and decarboxylate your marijuana by heating it at about 220 degrees for 25 minutes. Then wrap up the herb and a tablespoon of lecithin in the cheesecloth, pour the honey in the jar, and submerge the cloth in the honey. Put the jar in a crockpot or in a pan to simmer on the stove (water level should match the honey), and let it cook/simmer for at least eight hours, burping the jar periodically to release pressure. Finally, remove the jar from the pot, take the cloth out of the jar, and squeeze out any remaining honey.

Pro tip: You can infuse other herbs into honey, too. Add some lavender, orange blossoms, hibiscus or rose petals to your herb mixture to be a real flower child.

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