Cannabis Strains That Keep the Munchies Away

Cannabis Strains That Keep the Munchies Away
Scott Lentz
Getting rid of flab and keeping it off during the summer months is a challenge for many of us, especially if we have to battle the munchies every night before bed. Nothing can ruin a day of disciplined dieting quite like a joint at 9 p.m, which almost always leads to a bowl of ice cream, a bag of chips — or both.

It's hard to keep consuming cannabis when you can almost guarantee an accompanying 1,500 calories of fried food and sugar. So wouldn't it be nice if you could take the high without the munchies? While science hasn't been able to deliver exactly that just yet, some cannabis strains are much less likely to give you Homer Simpson's appetite. Here are several options:

CBD Strains
It's not weed that gives you the munchies, it's THC. And what kind of weed is lower in THC than others? CBD strains! You might not get the high you're chasing, but high-CBD strains still pack the medical effects and usually carry enough THC to give you a buzz — but with any luck, not enough to make you raid the pantry at 1 a.m.

Similar but not the same as THC, THCV is another cannabinoid, but this one actually suppresses the appetite instead of increasing it. Why even put it on the list when we can just toke up some THCV? Unlike THC or even CBD, THCV is still found in very small amounts in cannabis, making it hard to consume in effective amounts.
However, most African sativas such as Durban Poison and Red Congolese, as well as Doug's Varin, Power Plant, Jack the Ripper and Skunk #1, all carry higher-than-average amounts of THCV. Look for concentrates of those strains for an even more condensed dose.
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