Mile High Showcase Hosts Pot Industry's Brains and Backbone Every Sunday

It's always easier to marinate on what was just said with a joint in your hand.
It's always easier to marinate on what was just said with a joint in your hand. Jacqueline Collins
As pro-pot as the rest of the country makes Colorado out to be, it's always been hard for folks here to get together and chat over cannabis outside of a private home. But then the Mile High Showcase came to town.

Although still a private event in a private venue, obtaining a free invite to the Showcase isn't very hard, especially if you're in the industry – and that's exactly who it was made for: cannabis-industry employees and enthusiastic lovers of the plant. The Metlo has been hosting the Showcase on its rooftop every Sunday since the series of gatherings began in May, but electrical problems prevented the Metlo from playing host for the most recent celebration on August 7. Luckily, a must-remain-anonymous savior venue stepped in, and the dabs, free swag and shop talk continued to flow.

Westword photographer Jacqueline Collins was there to snap photos of all the fun. Check out our favorites in her slideshow, Sparking the Conversation at the Mile High Marijuana Showcase.

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